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usb cheap floppy disk drive External 2.0 1.44 MB USB Floppy Drive

usb cheap floppy disk drive External 2.0 1.44 MB USB Floppy Drive
Product Detailed
USD floppy disk drive for laptop 3.5-inch 1.44MB FDD Super slim and lightweight usb floppy drive ShenZhen reliable factory

 usb cheap floppy disk drive External 2.0 1.44 MB USB Floppy Drive  

 Available USB bus supply current500ma or less
Data capacity1.44MB (formatted)
USB data transfer rateFull speed/12Mbps.
Data transfer rate500KB(1.44MB)
Number of cylinders80
Rotation speed300rpm, 360rpm recording method: MFM
Average latency time

100 seconds (1.44MB mde)

ColorSilver, black
Shell materialPlastic
Floppy characteristics


The floppy disk drive is an indispensable part, if necessary, it can start up your computer, and use it to pass and backup files in the computer.

floppy disk is 3.5 inches to 3 inches, is often called. 3 inch diskette has a plastic casing, relatively hard, and its role is to protect the inside of the disc. The disc coated with a layer of magnetic material (iron oxide), it is the medium of the recording data. An optical disc having a protective layer between the shell and the housing on the optical disc, in order to prevent wear we normally use, 1.44M floppy disks.


The floppy disk is divided into a number of tracks, each track is divided into several sectors, each 512-byte sector stores. A 1.44M floppy disk, it has 80 tracks, 18 sectors per track, the two sides can store the data. We can calculate its capacity: 80 × 18 × 2 × 512 ≈ 1440K ≈ 1.44M. The floppy backup data is a good way, as long as the right way, they can keep 5-8 years. Using a floppy disk, you need to pay attention: Do not scratch the disc, the disc can not deformation, high temperature, not wet, not near the magnetic substances.


Soft floppy disk drive main components: the control circuit board, the motor, the head positioning, and the head. In fact, the head is very small, the course of their work is this: motor driver floppy disk rotation speed of 300 revolutions per minute, the head positioning device is a small stepper motor, which is responsible head movement to the right on track to complete the head to read a write operation. This is a 3-inch disk into the floppy disk drive to read and write the hole is open, the position of the head and disk contact. Contact diskette read and write operations of the floppy disk drive heads, so that it will be contaminated with dust. If one day, the floppy drive to read and write failure, first of all, do not worry about maintenance, to the heads are dirty, clean the disk can solve this problem. Clean disc appearance and floppy, but it is a layer of membrane cleaning, a tailor-made cleaning liquid droplets in the above, then the cleaning disk into the floppy drive, floppy disk drive to read the disk, try cleaning work is completed some after waiting for a period of time, so that the head cleaning liquid evaporation. Regular head cleaning floppy drive is often good. Install the floppy drive is relatively simple, it has a power outlet and data interface. The data interface 34 of the needle, which is the data of the floppy disk drive of a connection line.


Edit this paragraph, the day-to-day maintenance of the floppy

Time to buy a floppy disk, be sure to buy a good quality brand name products. The poor quality of the floppy disk into the floppy disk drive to read and write, is likely to be a floppy disk drive heads are dirty or head deviation. Second, the poor quality of the floppy disk to store data is not reliable, and often does not work, read, write.

Do not use the physical damage, moisture, the magnetosphere close the floppy disk to a floppy disk drive heads, in order to avoid damage.

(1) when not in use, be deleted from the floppy disk drive storage floppy is good, but not for a long time on to the floppy diskette drive.

(2) the floppy drive to read the data (floppy drive working lights), not to forcibly remove the floppy disk to avoid damage to the floppy disk drive heads and floppy.

(3) The floppy disk drive can not be read correctly data or program disk failure, it should not continue to use, in order to avoid failure to expand to other floppy or damage.

(4) the need for regular cleaning head (usually two weeks, the cleaning time is appropriate)


Clean the principles and procedures:

(1) Remove the floppy disk drive, floppy drive cars head out;

(2) Use a small screwdriver (the best conditions using a syringe), anhydrous alcohol drops in floppy disk drive heads, the head alcohol soaked scene;

(3) to soak for about 2 minutes to 3 minutes to the observed alcohol is dry in the cold and wet weather is the best with a hair dryer blowing head section;

(4) the replacement of the floppy disk drive, and plug in the power cord and signal line;

(5) in a few drops of the cleaning liquid in the cleaning disk head, which is inserted into the floppy disk drive of the host computer, the friction 2-3 times in the use of conventional means, and the cleaning head.


USD Fdd/Floppy disk drive in black and white case,Shenzhen laptop FDD manufacturer,we can give you wholesale price with good quality USB FDD.

usb cheap floppy disk drive External 2.0 1.44 MB USB Floppy Drive

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